Not a Cause for Celebration but a Hope for Optimism
December 27, 2008

The optimism in this forecast of fast GDP growth may need to be looked at within the context of our expectation of our economic status and to what higher level it ought to be elevated. That higher level can be measured in terms of the intuitive factors such as the emergence of: 1) An appreciable number of individual Ethiopians making wealth through hard work and without favoritism from the bureaucrats or without some sort of free subsidies from their relatives who reside in countries in a better economic situation than Ethiopia, 2) Enough number of Ethiopians who are financially at ease to send their children to learn at any university of their choice in this world and without the expectation to have the tuition paid for through a scholarship, 3) Enough number of people who are financially at ease to be able to visit any part of the world using their own hard earned money, 4) A significant number of Ethiopians who are motivated to do what they are interested in the most and seek self-actualization without having to worry about where to get the money from to do it or without having to make the money their end goal. We can argue that these intuitive factors are signs of a healthy economy and society and the forecast by The Economist is far from showing those factors. That is why it is not a cause for celebration of a forecast that is yet to be realized, but a hope for optimism.

And to the Business Frontier
October 1, 2007

At this juncture in Ethiopia’s political and economic developments, Ethiopians with entrepreneurship skills that may have been involved in politics disproportionately will perhaps serve the Ethiopian people, the country, and themselves better by actively involving in the business environment. In doing so, however, they should not succumb to unethical and opportunistic business ventures that widen the gap between the rich and the poor. Especially those political activists who are heading in the direction of business venture in Ethiopia have the moral imperative that their business ventures benefit the people on whose behalf they have been struggling.

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