Outstanding Ethiopian Accomplishments of the Year (OEAY) and In Memoriam of an Ethiopianís Outstanding Lifetime Contributions: Finfinne Times's Second Experiment of Recognition

September 12, 2011

In its first and second experiment of recognizing Outstanding Ethiopian Accomlishments of the Year (OEAY) and an Ethiopian's Outstanding Lifetime Contributions, Finfinne Times announced its recognitions for 2001 and 2002 Ethiopian Calendar (2008/2009 and 2009/2010) in various areas of achievements. The background to this exercise was well laid out in a narrative that preceded the announcement of Finfinne Times's very first recognitions .

As for the 2001 and 2002 E.C. exercises, both the recognitions and remembrances for this year are made based on the data that was available to Finfinne Times at the time of publication. Therefore, by no means would Finfinne Times claim to have exhaustive data and by extension the recognition and remembrance in all categories to be exhaustive. This is exactly the reason why both are considered this year as well as another experiment for a future more involved exercise.

Finfinne Times hereby invites our esteemed readers to submit for consideration their choices of outstanding accomplishments and contributions each year any time before September 12.

Ethiopian Outstanding Accomplishments of the Year (EOAY)


Valedictorians of the University of Maryland (Benyam Kinde) and Heath High School (Darara Borodge).


We wish to see more breakthroughs in 2004 E.C.


Ethiopian Airlines's continued growth and profitability.


Continued projections in various media, including the Economist magazine that indicate that Ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economy in the world in 2011.


Desert Flower that is based on a true story of Waris Dirie (starring Liya Kebede)


We wish to see more activities in 2004 E.C.

Ethiopian Renaissance

The continued effort to study Oromo faith traditions and culture and stunning progresses in the celebration of Irrecha


We wish to see more breakthroughs in 2004 E.C.


Designing a Rule Based Stemmer for Afaan Oromo Text (Debela Tesfaye and Ermias Abebe)


We wish to see more breakthroughs in 2004 E.C.


The recognition of the crucial importance of the Ethiopian Diaspora by Ethiopian government, as it manifested in its dispatch of its delegations to various countries around the world.

Public Service

We wish to see more outstanding public services in 2004 E.C.

Science and Technology

We wish to see more outstanding contributions in science and technology in 2004 E.C.


Ethiopian Athletics Federation's continued achievements in international competitions

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