The Haaroma/Hiddassie/Renaissance Agenda (HHRA) in Ethiopia and East Africa: An Opportunity for a Literary Competition

April 10, 2011

Finfinne Times announces an opportunity for a literary competition on the Haaroma/Hiddassie/Renaissance Agenda (HHRA) in Ethiopia in particular and in East Africa in general.

Interested individuals, groups, or organizations may enter the competition by submitting an essay or a poem of no more than two pages and as short as one paragraph. The writing should describe the individual, group, or organizationís understanding of Haaroma/Hiddassie/Renaissance (HHR) briefly, but as deeply as possible, within the context of this agenda in Ethiopia in particular and East Africa in general.

The entry should give a clear definition of HHR as it is understood by the author, the historical event or events that preceded HHR in East Africa, what caused these event or events, as understood by the author, and the event or events that led to HHR. In addition, the entry should describe the authorís expectations from the HHRA, and planned contributions to it, how the plan is being or will be undertaken by the author, and how and when this plan is expected to be successfully completed, if any. Authors are encouraged to elucidate their understanding of the concepts of enlightenment and elitism and how such concepts may positively or negatively contribute to the HHRA.

Entries must be sent electronically to Finfinne Times no later than August 31, 2011, in one of the following three languages: Afan Oromo, Amharic, or English.

Entries will be ranked based solely on how they respond to the above subjects. Entries that rank in the top ten will receive an honorable mention, with cash prizes for the top three entries of those mentioned. The first place winner will receive $250, the second place winner $150, and the third place winner $100. Winners will be announced on the eve of Ethiopiaís new year of 2004 (September 10, 2011) and winning entries will be published on Finfinne Times website.