Outstanding Ethiopian Accomplishments of the Year (OEAY) and In Memoriam of an Ethiopianís Outstanding Lifetime Contributions: Finfinne Times's Second Experiment of Recognition

September 16, 2010

In its first experiment of recognizing Outstanding Ethiopian Accomlishments of the Year (OEAY) and an Ethiopian's Outstanding Lifetime Contributions, Finfinne Times announced its recognitions for 2001 Ethiopian Calendar (2008/2009) in various areas of achievements. The background to this exercise was well laid out in a narrative that preceded the announcement of Finfinne Times's very first recognitions.

As for the 2001 E.C. exercise, both the recognitions and remembrances for this year are made based on the data that was available to Finfinne Times at the time of publication. Therefore, by no means would Finfinne Times claim to have exhaustive data and by extension the recognition and remembrance in all categories to be exhaustive. This is exactly the reason why both are considered this year as well as another experiment for a future more involved exercise.

Finfinne Times hereby invites our esteemed readers to submit for consideration their choices of outstanding accomplishments and contributions each year any time before September 12.

Ethiopian Outstanding Accomplishments of the Year (EOAY)


Contributions to the Middle Awash Project that led to the discovery of Ardipithecus ramidus that culminated in the publication of multiple papers in Science magazine and production the Discovering Ardi documentary by the Discovery Channel (leading Ethiopian contributors: Drs. Berhane Asfaw and Yohannes Haile-Selassie).


We wish to see more breakthroughs in 2002 E.C.


Ethiopian Airlines's continued growth and profitability.


Projection by The Economist Magazine: According to this projection, Ethiopia has the fifth fastest growing economy in the world in 2010.


Talent show in Australia Got Talent (Sosina Wegayehu)


Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation's institutional approach to address the controversies brought up by various groups regarding the construction of Ghibe III Dam, which, when completed, is expected to be the largest hydropower plant in Africa. The provision of an official website for the project and its impact assessment report must go a long way in addressing these controversies.

Ethiopian Renaissance

The continued effort to study Oromo faith traditions and culture and stunning progresses in the celebration of Irrecha


We wish to see more breakthroughs in 2002 E.C.


We wish to see more breakthroughs in 2002 E.C.


The continued effort at structuring Ethiopian music based on a formal training of music notes (Mulatu Astatike)


The continued defense of the Judge Birtukan Mideksa Civic Virtue.

The continued bold movement by the Forum for Democratic Dialogue (FDD) to provide an alternative political trajectory and democracy to Ethiopia and its people.

The post-2010 election discourse, which showed a sign of departure from political unrest and a toll on civilians that characterized Ethiopia's politics for nearly four decades since the emergence of the Ethiopian Student Movement (ESM). This discourse seems to have started leveraging peaceful struggle's marks in history books and the public court.

Public Service

Winning Good Morning America contest as a symbol of the hardwork of Ethiopian mothers (Almaz Ghebremedhin)

Science and Technology

Contribution to the replacement of electrical signals that communicate via copper wires between computer chips with tiny silicon circuits that communicate using pulses of light, as reported by IBM and the journal Nature (lead author: Solomon Assefa)

Locally inspired voice signal transmission and reception in Haromaya town and its surroundings by young Oromo boys


Ethiopian Athletics Federation's continued achievements in international competitions

In Memoriam of an Ethiopianís Outstanding Lifetime Contributions


Song writer and composer Lieutenant Colonel Sahle Degago (1930/31 - 2010)

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