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Diaspora Life and Alma Matter

July 15, 2007

From Kenya to Australia, Saudi Arabia to Yemen, and Europe to North America, there is a large number of the Ethiopian Diaspora. There is an influential visibility of this group in Ethiopia’s politics. A huge section of this group escaped political persecution at home during both the former and current regimes. Some left for secondary or tertiary level education remained in their host countries partly because of fear or perceived fear of political persecution if they went back. And then there are the United States Diversity Visa winners, which account for a significant number of the Ethiopian Diaspora.

As new comers to different cultures and environments, the Ethiopian Diaspora is bound to face the challenges encountered in the process of relocation. For many, it is not easy to forget the family members and the country they left behind. Perhaps, that explains the high visibility of the Ethiopian Diaspora in Ethiopia’s politics. Whether the same level of involvement is there regarding directly helping the people left behind or the general populace is not clear. In addition, the trails of the successes and failures of the Ethiopian Diaspora are also not very clear although there are some signs of significant successes.

On this page, we will try to study and present these aspects of the Ethiopian Diaspora.

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