Who were they? What have they done? And where are they now?

May 5, 2012

The latest Ethiopian to come on the spotlight as one of the awardees of Emperor Haile Selassie I is Dr. Haile Debas, who recently received the University of California at San Francisco’s highest honor for his contributions to advance health worldwide, among others. According to published reprots, Dr. Haile Debas is a UCSF’s chancellor emeritus, dean emeritus of the school of Medicine, Maurice Galante distinguished professor of surgery, founding executive director of Global Health Sciences, and director of the University of California Global Health Institute. This is quite a track record of accomplishment from childhood of excellence in learning global leadership in health sciences.

Professor Gebisa Ejeta Named 2009 World Food Prize Laureate

June 11, 2009

Professor Gebisa [pronounced Ghebisa] Ejeta was named the World Food Prize's 2009 Laureate. According to the World Food Prize, his research produced sorghum hybrids that are "resistant to drought and the devastating Striga weed". This finding "dramatically increased the production and availability of one of the world’s five principal grains and enhanced the food supply of hundreds of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa". Apparently, his contribution is exemplary that will make a meaningful difference for millions. It must also have been a fulfilling professional journey.

The Ethiopian Renaissance Agenda and Education in Ethiopia

October 6, 2007

The struggle of a few enlightened individuals from Ethiopia who studied closely the ancient civilization of the Kush people, how it declined, and the need for Ethiopian Renaissance, it appears that it is bearing fruit and gaining momentum as Ethiopia welcomes and enters what is now dubbed the Ethiopian New Millennium. In his speech at the Millennium celebrations on September 12, 2007, Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia’s current Prime Minister has called for Ethiopian Renaissance. Even though the current Ethiopian government’s track record on human rights is in serious questions, the fact that the Ethiopian Renaissance Agenda is being taken up officially by the highest level of the Ethiopian government may be an indication that the importance of this agenda is being understood well. Seen against its standing constitution that was written only about a decade ago that allowed the legitimate quest for political decentralization to go up to disintegration, picking up the Ethiopian Renaissance Agenda by the Ethiopian government shows a fundamental shift from the political propensity it has shown in the recent past.

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