Part I: North East Africa's Ancient Civilizations

A. Jean Doresse's Observation

In 2002, The Reporter, a private Ethiopian newspaper, published an interview with Jean Doresse, a famous French historian who specialized in Egyptian and Ethiopian history. In that interview, Doresse is reported to have said: "I am very much fond of reading Plato and some of his dialogues but I could not understand those dialogues until I visited Ethiopia." He suggested that when he visited Ethiopia, he "found the life, the ancient culture which was at the origin of ancient Greece." By visiting Ethiopia, he added "I found ways of thinking and ideas that made me very clear with my Plato's readings."

When asked about ancient Greece, Egyptian and Ethiopian civilizations, he said the following: "Ethiopia is older than pharaonic Egypt. We have some proofs for this. People working on Ethiopia did not find the language of ancient Egypt in Ethiopia. But in ancient Egyptian we found many words which are in Ethiopia, both in Amharic and even more in Oromiffa. So, the conclusion is that Ethiopia is the birthplace of ancient civilization which developed later in Egypt and much later on in Greece and other countries."

When asked about how to justify his above statements, he has the following to say: "Formerly I was an Egyptologist with knowledge of the hieroglyphics system. But when I was in Ethiopia I found that there are the same names, the same appel[l]ations for so many things that appeared at the beginning of pharaonic language. For instance, there is a word "Oromo" in Ethiopia which appeared in ancient Egypt referring to the same subject, with consonants only, without using vowels. It would have been good for a person who is an Egyptologist to study Amharic and Oromiffa and try to list out words that were in use in both countries."

B. Martin Bernal's Observation

In his American Book Award winning book called Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, Martin Bernal argued that Classical (Greek) Civilization borrowed rational thought, humanistic philosophy, mathematics and other sciences from Ancient Egypt. The argument suggests that European civilization may have its roots in an African civilization. He also suggested that ancient Egyptians were black Africans.

C. Kathryn Chew's Observation

In her review of the Aithiopika, an ancient novel written by Heliodorus from Greece, Kathryn Chew of California State University at Long Beach observed ... Greek culture takes a back seat to the cultures of Egypt and Ethiopia.

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