Undoing Mao Zedong’s Gun Power in Africa

November 23, 2012

Without much public discussion leading up to its unveiling, the so called “China’s Gift to Africa”, the Headquarters of the African Union in Finfinne (Addis Ababa), Ethiopia, was inaugurated on January 28, 2012. Speaking to an AFP reporter on the occasion of the inauguration, a senior leader of China suggested that the Communist Party of China’s “Gift to Africa” “speaks volumes” about its “friendship with the African people” and “resolve to support African development”.

The world was simply told on this occasion that a continent of over fifty countries failed to build its Continental Union’s office building and a Communist Party of one state in Asia was so kind to give this gift to this continent to show the Communist Party’s resolve to support Africa’s development.

There was no mention if there had been any deliberations by African parliaments about the need to get this kind of gift from a Communist Party of an Asian country or if this Communist Party got approval from the Chinese people to present a “Gift to Africa” in their and their country’s names.

Whether the Communist Party presented the “gift” to Africa out of love for Africa or ambitions for its resources will likely be a subject of scholarly debate for many years to come. In addition, how this office building is a “gift” to Africa when the Communist Party reportedly imports about 30 percent of its fuel needs from Africa is also likely to be analyzed and written in history books as one of the Communist Party’s archaic political maneuverings.

The Communist Party was founded about half a century ago and is believed to have been fathered by Mr. Mao Zedong, who is reported to have said: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

In his formative years, Mr. Mao Zedong is reported to have prescribed to various ideologies, including republicanism, and is considered by some to be the founding father of contemporary China.

In what his contemporary leaders likened to Hiroshima, more than 160,000 civilians reportedly perished around 1948 from starvation emanating from a direct order from him.

According to a U.S. State Department estimate in 1976, about a million and another 800,000 people may have died under the land reform and counterrevolutionary campaigns under the leadership of Mr. Mao Zedong. Under his leadership, a raw climate developed over the Chinese populace where spouses turned on their spouses, children spied against their parents, and the victims intimidated, humiliated, and those deemed the worst shot to death.

To the extent that today’s Communist Party of China is a poster child of Mr. Mao Zedong’s Communist Party, it can be fairly argued that the so called “China’s Gift to Africa” is an outgrowth of this archaic political maneuvering. According to latest news reports, the Communist Party’s business dealings in Ethiopia are likely to debase and erase historical landmarks, including those of historical figures that stood against Mussolini’s fascism during the second world water.

Africa’s populace may not be intimidated by Mr. Mao Zedong’s political trajectory like their Chinese counterparts who were intimidated by him and his communist comrades that gave birth to and brought up the Red Army’s party. If the Communist Party thought it can befriend certain African leaders that are not legitimately elected by their constituents and impose its archaic opportunism on Africans, the African populace may have to force it to convulse under the weight of this opportunism and evolve out of it to become a meaningful partner with Africa and the African populace.

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