American Exceptionalism

September 23, 2013

In exceptional America, an ordinary human being can be part of this battle by expressing such opinions using his or her right of the freedom of speech. Humanity will be served better by reminding itself the virtue of democracy and advancing it. In democracy, dictators and ordinary human beings are created equal, to use Mr. Putin’s words. We can safely say that this is clear enough in exceptional America.

The Civilization Causality

March 17, 2013

We can fairly argue, therefore, that Epicurean terms, ancient Greece’s civilization, and the conclusions of ancient Chinese political theorists appear to be in consonance with the observation of Sir Winston Churchill. We can also fairy argue that the history of humanity’s collective progress is that of the waning down of brutality cascades and development and continued outreach of civility. More importantly, as David Brooks also points out, it is very hard to get out of brutality cascades; it has never been easy.

Undoing Mao Zedong’s Gun Power in Africa

November 23, 2012

Africa’s populace may not be intimidated by Mr. Mao Zedong’s political trajectory like their Chinese counterparts who were intimidated by him and his communist comrades that gave birth to and brought up the Red Army’s party. If the Communist Party thought it can befriend certain African leaders that are not legitimately elected by their constituents and impose its archaic opportunism on Africans, the African populace may have to force it to convulse under the weight of this opportunism and evolve out of it to become a meaningful partner with Africa and the African populace.

How Governor Romney Lost and Set Back Republicanism

November 12, 2012

While there is hope that the attachment of these independent analysts to republicanism is likely to deepen, the hoped for debate between President Obama and Speaker Gingrich to deepen this attachment hasn’t come to pass. Yet, even if it may have faced a setback, republicanism is likely to thrive in the years to come, especially if the alternative path taken on November 6, 2012, proves to be less realistic than promised. Its tenets of inclusiveness, liberty, honesy, integrity, hard work, and justice are likely to make republicanism a more sought after societal value by any conscious society.

A Son of China Speaks from Beijing

November 24, 2011

We don't disagree and could just add that this battle may be as old as humanity's known existence. The egalitarian values of the communities in east Africa where this writer comes from, the give me liberty or death motto well known in America, and the humane authority prescribed by ancient Chinese thinkers and brought to us by Professor Yan Xuetong are mere signals of humanity's inherent quest that may be as old as its existence. This understanding is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of human rights that was signed after the end of the Second World War. It may have been imagined to take us to a harmonious global community. On that count, the humane authority brought to us by Professor Yan Xuetong may be only an organic component of the prescription that is already in place. The failure by China to follow it in its stately business dealings with African governments, which has been characterized as "no strings attached," must have been far removed from its own virtue. On this count, it it is duty bound to mend it.

Globalization of the Tea Party Movement

November 11, 2011

Sorting out such confusions doesn’t take much thinking. There are common sense values. Any transgressions against these values are bound to, and should, give birth to movements like the Tea Party. For these kinds of movements to be highly effective, they need to go beyond spontaneity to form a formidable force at the grassroots level both nationally and globally. The assurance of liberty everywhere is its maintenance anywhere. If the current Tea Party manages to accomplish this, it may well be recorded in history books as more significant than the first Tea Party. This is simply because of the global dimensions of the challenges and opportunities that historical circumstances have made it to face.

The Newt Gingrich Factor in the Game of the Brains

September 25, 2011

While the passions of the other republican candidates to solve the problem the U.S. has faced are admirable, the depth of Mr. Gingrich’s understanding of the the problem appears unsurpassed in the identified field. Perhaps, it may well be the depth of understanding of the problem that will likely pose a historical challenge to Mr. Obama’s intellectual prowess in the upcoming general elections. The debate between President Obama and Speaker Gingrich may well prepare the electorate for a referendum about the direction in which the U.S. and the world are headed politically. In order to make a historical decision at the ballot boxes, the electorate deserves to have one of the best intellectually stimulating debates about the ideological directions we are facing as a collective group. All genuine political leaders across the spectrum of political persuasions are duty bound to provide this opportunity to the electorate so that it can make an informed decision at this milestone in humanity’s long journey towards a collective progress.

Why I Think that Republicanism Should Take Back America

October 31, 2010

The fruitful trajectory of social progress from East Africa to Europe and its successful experiment in the United States makes it imperative for republicanism to firmly protect humanity’s collective project for progress here in the United States and elsewhere where it is evidently rich and has the potential for further growth. It is not the creeping up of subconsciousness about the fruit of our collective quest for progress on the turf of civic virtue that will propel us all forward but the consciously projected shining out of the glows from the fruits of our collective progress that was brought about by that burst of light for equality and free thinking, which has been characterized as what it means to be human.

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