The Books of Our Folk Literature
October 14, 2007

While these pieces of information have a lot to say, a lot is left to say, which is most probably hidden in our oral literature. The exploration of what is hidden in our oral literature will probably be one of the most fascinating fields as we attempt to take off with an Ethiopian Renaissance. The treasure holders of the pieces of our oral literature are most probably the elderly people in Ethiopia who have been better trained in oral transfer of our knowledge. This generation and the generations to come are duty bound to take the time to do the explorations and bring our oral literature out to interested parties in a meaningful way. As we do the explorations, it is important to take proper accounting of the sources of the pieces. Perhaps, we already carrying the pieces in our veins, as Jean Doresse observed. That will only help those of us interested in this field to write award winning literature work that we will be proud of and the readers to understand the depth of our hidden oral literature.

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