“17,765 Prisoners Pardoned?”
September 15, 2007

If the Ethiopian government gave deaf ears to the calls to release political prisoners, even if it pardoned this many convicted inmates, raises questions about the government’s sincerity in the release of the prisoners. On the other hand, if the released are political prisoners, while their release is a welcome gesture, it calls into question why all these many people were incarcerated in the first place.

From the Political Frontier to the Legal Frontier
July 15, 2007

It is clear that the Ethiopian legal frontier is the area that needed more focus in the past and still needs a lot more in the future. Perhaps, it is about time the political parties and activists focus on the legal system in Ethiopia and discuss about how to make it a properly functioning justice system. One would only hope that some day, the Ethiopian parliament would appoint the leaders of the justice system in Ethiopia through a unanimous vote, or something close to it. If they have done it on the money, why can’t they do it on the law? That will happen when there are independent thinkers in the positions of legal profession in Ethiopia and when the political representatives start to trust the independently thinking legal professionals than their sense of insecurity on matters pertaining to law.

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