Ethiopian Musician Mulatu Astatke Researches at Harvard and MIT How to Develop Krar
September 8, 2008

According to a press release from the MIT Office of the Arts, Ethiopian jazz artist Mulatu Astatke has been working on the development of the traditional Ethiopian musical instrument called Krar. He "completed a 2007-08 Radcliffe Institute Fellowship at Harvard University", was "an Abramowitz Artist-in-Residence from October 10-24 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology", and planned to "return to MIT in April [of 2009] to follow up on projects started during this residency".

Artist Mulatu has had a long journey of training and practice in music. Let us hope that his exemplary work would inspire more of our artists to have the level of commitment necessary to bring our traditional musical arts to a new higher level based on solid training, research, and development.

The Missing Links and Hidden Talents in Our Music
September 18, 2007

In addition, Oromo cultural movements need to be studied in depth and preserved. Some talents in Oromo cultural dances are sometimes observed in the background of musical video productions portraying young Oromo artists. These young artists are well dressed in cultural outfits. Nevertheless, their body movements to the cultural tunes leave a lot of room for improvement. The talents in body movements are sometimes seen as performed by older people who have lived among Oromo culture their entire life. What is disappointing many times is that the recorders show these people for an instant of time. Such video clips leave the watcher eager for more, which can only be satisfied by bringing such talents out for a sufficient amount of time.

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